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      My name is Bartosz Łuczak. I was born in Poznan, but lived for 16 years in Dublin, Ireland. I returned to Poland 4 years ago.

      Since my childhood, I loved baking cakes, I often bought women’s magazines for my mother to cut out pages with recipes and beautiful food photos.

      I discovered my passion for food photography in Ireland when I was looking for a new hobby. It’s been 10 years since, and I still love what I do.

      I worked for the Irish magazine “Easy Food” for 4 years, cooperating with clients such as Heinz, Bird’s Eye, Avonmore and Kelkin.

      Also, I worked and shot for several restaurants, helping them create a menu that would attract the customer. On a daily basis, I take photos for agencies such as: Alamy, Shutterstock, Adobe.

It would be a pleasure to work togather,